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Secure your equipment
Shoot with security 

We don't understimate the importance of mounting. One of the most vexing aspects about current diffusers is their tendency to fall off. This can happen just before you take your important shot, which is infuritating and is exactly why BounceLite is as sturdy and unshakeable as we could make it.

  1. Secure holding
    Secure holding
    The BounceLite unit is shaped to fit comfortably on a flash head and stay put.
  2. Durable bungee strap
    Durable bungee strap
    Our polymer silicon bungee is both tough and flexible and it'll stretch around most flash heads.
  3. Fixed positioning
    Fixed positioning
    With its unique 'ladder' design, the strap will hook into place at multiple lengths.
  4. Independent function
    Independent function
    Wave goodbye to the constant adjusting and changing of single-use diffusers. BounceLite can shoot in normal flash too, all without having to be taken off.


The secure mounting system enables the flashgun and the modifier to become one unit so it's read anytime. 
Just mount up and go.

*Please note, since January 2018 mounting pads are no longer included with each unit purchase.