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React to your enviroment
Replace your filter fast

One of BounceLite's most exceptional features is the in-built filter system, which allows the photographer to quickly change filters with unparalleled ease. Additionally, the cassette can be taken out to allow for normal flash, all without removing the unit.
The filter cassette is specifically designed so that the photographer can change the colour and temperature output to match venue and ambience lighting.

Filter system

  1. Apply your own filter gels
    Apply your own filter gels
    The BounceLite cassette can house your own homemade filter gels. Feel free to cut, insert and shoot away.
  2. Change your shot with ease
    Change your shot with ease
    Nothing's worse than missing a shot. Our cassette is quick to insert and pull away so you can modify your shot on the spur of the moment.
  3. Store your filters
    Store your filters
    Our customised wallet can hold an entire filter collection and two cassettes. It's built for efficiency and is the perfect compliment to the BounceLite unit
  4. Raise the temperature
    Raise the temperature
    We've personally selected the assortment of gels. With our range of colours you can adapt to outdoor and indoor lighting conditions of almost any kind.

Mixing with other ambience light source techniques

BounceLite filtration system designed to make working with ambient light easy