About Us

BounceLite’s inventor Tony is a professional photographer. Originally from Hong Kong and based in London, UK, over 30 years he has worked in fashion, advertising and, via his work, travelled the world over.

The product was conceived by a team of product design consultants after being drawn in its original form by Tony. We’ve paid great attention to each aspect; perfecting the diffusion, filtration and mounting technology in an attempt to create a modifier, which stands on its own as a piece of certified, premium hardware.

The result is a fully operational, beautifully designed final product, ready to enhance photography and change the way you use your flash. This is our offering to the photography world today.

With some hard work, we’re looking to continue designing products under the company name Fotocapio. There are a number of exciting and innovative new ideas in the pipeline here and we’re optimistic we can continue to contribute to the ever-growing field of photography.
The problems with current diffusers are numerous; more often than not they are limited to one function, fall off easily, are a struggle to take on and off or look awful. Even in this day and age, the need for a premium modifier that bucks the trend is greater than ever.
   "Those who control light, control photography"
               Tony Chau
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